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Oxford pub pushes the boat out to stay afloat

14th January 2014: The floods may be up but Oxford pub The Fishes at North Hinskey has been working hard to stay afloat this week by rewarding plucky pub-goers who battled the elements to reach the village local.

Pub manager Owain Llwyd Jones and his team decided to turn the flooded Botley Road into a ‘floody great’ opportunity by offering regulars a bite to eat on the pub or money off their bar bill for every day the road was closed. They also bought drinks for any guests who rowed a boat to the pub.

“It was a grim few days for homes and businesses but we were determined not to let the floods get the better of us and to keep the pub open,” says Owain. “So we got Tweeting and emailing to let people know that if they got to the pub while the Botley Road was closed, we’d give them a free starter or dessert with their meal or 20% off their drinks bill. All they had to do was say the words ‘Floody Hell’ when they made it! We even bought drinks for anyone who jumped in a boat and rowed over – and I can tell you quite a few brave souls did!

“We were overwhelmed with the reaction,” he continues. “More than 150 people took up the offers and we got more than 10,000 hits on our Facebook page. People everywhere were saying or Tweeting ‘floody hell’ and making the best of things, in spite of the weather. It was a great boost for the pub so thank you to everyone who made the effort and didn’t let the great British weather stop them having a great time.”

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