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Shots Fired!

Off we set with our merry crew on another shooting adventure at Jericho farm with the Oxford gun company.

It is always a sight to behold when entering the gun club, open fires, English breakfast tea and tweed jackets plastering the people and furniture alike.

We split into teams and went on our way to the first range. 10/10 wasn’t a bad start but there had to be some Devine intervention!

Low and behold it was, as I ended up with 38/50, somehow worse than my first time. Maybe it’s my eyesight going? Let’s blame it on the heavy wind…..

After many bacon sarnies and photographs, we returned to the pub for an evening full of rugby, food and booze, what a day it turned out to be!

A few pints later and the final result in (we won in case you needed reminding) the village and pub erupted as one and resulted in the most manly feeling I have ever had.



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